Quick Reference Guide 

Calvary Christian School RE-OPENING PLAN FOR 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR Quick reference guide for parents in a Q & A format

Q. What are some of the most important considerations behind the new plan for reopening?
A. A desire to do what is best for the children in light of guidance from the Holy Scriptures while following the law. We would only defy the law if obeying the law would require us to disobey God in the process.

Q. How many days a week will Calvary Christian School be meeting?
A. Five

Q. How long will the school day be?
A. School hours will remain the same as normal where all students begin school at 8 AM. Kindergarten will dismiss at 11:30 AM, and all other grades will dismiss at 3 PM.

Q. Will my child have to wear a face mask?
A. No. Face masks are not required, but they are allowed.

Q. Will my child be allowed to socialize in class or at recess?
A. Yes. We will socially distance at 6 feet, when feasible and practical, but we will not be sacrificing the social development of the child in order to do so.

Q. Will my child be able to have physical education or play sports?
A. Yes. The answer to this question is similar to the previous one on the social development of children. Physical education and other sports activities are an important part of the child’s education and experience in school. We will not be sacrificing programs such as these for other considerations such as social distancing.

Q. If we decide not to have our child/children physically at school due to concerns for coronavirus risks, will there be a distance learning option available?
A. Yes, we are planning on making a distance learning option available. Exactly how we would run a distance learning option for your child would depend on several factors including the age of the child and how many other children in a particular class need this option, but it is our desire that every child is able to participate in our school program this year whether physically on site or not.
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