Dual Credit Courses

Calvary Christian School is a college-preparatory school that focuses on getting our graduates ready for the next step in life – further education. Each class encourages the students to think more critically, improve their writing skills, communicate effectively, and solve problems. Staff members sit down with both the students and their parents to help formulate a plan for success throughout high school and into the beginning college years.
Rather than offering AP classes, Calvary offers dual-credit classes. We partner together with Bob Jones University (BJU) and Maranatha Baptist University (MBU) to offer college courses to high school juniors and seniors. These classes are offered at a significant discount to the high school students yet come with full college credit. Because both BJU and MBU are regionally accredited, the college credit is transferable to other regionally accredited universities. If the college course is also one that students must take in high school, they can earn both high school credit and college credit by taking only the college course. The dual credit courses offered are core classes that must be completed by any liberal arts college student within the freshman and sophomore year. By earning college credit before graduating from high school, students have the option of either graduating early from college, saving large amounts of money, or lightening their course load during their college years.
The dual credit courses offered by these two universities are full college courses taught by the respective university’s professors. High school students complete the same assignments as the college students, gaining invaluable experience before leaving the safety of home where they have easy access to their parents’ advice. Often, students have the opportunity to work on these courses during the regular school day, giving them access to their regular classroom teachers for help as well.
Both BJU and MBU are fundamental Christian universities that continue on in what we at Calvary Christian School have begun, teaching academics with Christ at the center. Each subject is taught from a biblical world view, and each teacher has a personal profession of faith in Christ and a personal relationship with the Lord. The faculty and staff at these universities enjoy working with the high school students and take the time to communicate personally with the students when help is needed.

CLEP Tests

For those students who desire the college credit but do not have the money to invest in dual credit classes, Calvary Christian School offers training for College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. CLEP consists of a set of thirty-three standardized tests covering subjects that college students generally have to take their freshman and sophomore years in school. These tests are overseen by the College Board and are designed to test students on their knowledge of the subject areas. Those who pass the tests receive college credit without having to take the course. Every college and university have their own standards for accepting CLEP scores, so checking with the school your student plans on attending before taking these tests is recommended. Because CLEP tests are designed to test college-level material, students need to study and prepare before taking the tests. Calvary’s staff has successfully trained students, helping them pass CLEP tests, and the practice material is available for those who desire to use this venue for obtaining college credit before heading off to school.
Whether your child plans on taking dual credit classes, taking CLEP tests, or simply preparing for college, Calvary Christian School’s academic and character-building program focuses on making your student ready for the next phase of life. Because Calvary is committed to its students, our doors are always open. Graduation does not mark the end of our job. Our staff is always ready and willing to help graduates as they navigate the waters of college and life.
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