Transfer Students

In a unique position as a smaller school, Calvary Christian School is able to enroll transfer students at any time during the school year. Changing schools may not be an easy transition for children; however, our ministry-minded teachers provide the support and attention your child needs to make the change as smooth as possible. Our desire is to reduce the level of anxiety for your child and for you!

We begin the transfer process by encouraging families to come in for an Educational Success Consultation, followed by a Shadow Day. During the Educational Success Consultation, Mr. Mattish, our school principal, will meet with you and your child to answer any questions about our program. This meeting is a great opportunity to learn about the heart and mission of our school.

Your child will then have the opportunity to “shadow” at school for a few hours or a whole day. We will connect your child with one of our students as a companion during the Shadow Day, creating an opportunity for your son or daughter to see our school in action. These steps will help you determine if Calvary Christian School is a good fit for you and your child.

We understand that life happens, creating a need for transfers at times other than the beginning or middle of an academic year. Each year we welcome new students during the school year at various times throughout the academic year. We have found that these new students quickly embrace the love and acceptance that thrives at Calvary Christian School.
Calvary Christian School
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